Price File Layout

Inventory Quantity Discount Price File Layout

This text file layout is used by the Load External Price File ( program. The text file can be produced automatically, but will generally need to be prepared in Excel.

The filename must end with a .TXT extension.

All of the fields (if present) will be added to new part numbers and/or new units of measure. For existing part number/units of measure, only prices will be loaded (unless optional fields are selected in field 16).

The only exception is UPC Code, which will always be updated if the UPC does not exist in the INVENTORY,BAR.CODE file. And, it will become the primary UPC for the part number unit of measure being updated.

Costs and prices may be in any order; during the import you will specify which price codes to update for Price 1 through 6. You do not have to fill all 6 price fields in the file data.

Prices may contain decimals, but if absent, the program will assume 2 decimal places (MR2). Examples:

Raw Converted
12586 125.86
125.86 125.86

Unit Weight will assume 4 decimal places (MR4). Examples:

Raw Converted
17682 1.7682
25.4 25.4000

Important Note: the Part Number (field 1 below) should not contain the Mfr Code unless you are using the Multiple MFR option for one vendor. The Mfr Code will be entered in the Load External Price program.

The text file must contain TAB-delimited fields in the following order:

Inventory Price File Layout Updated: 7/5/2017 Load External Price File (
# Spreadsheet Column Field Note
1 A Part Number 20 characters max including the Mfr Code entered in the Load External Price program and a period. Must be formatted as Text column type in Excel.
2 B Unit of Measure BLANK will default to EACH
3 C Description 40 characters max
4 D Inventory Notes 50 characters max
5 E Standard Pack Whole number with no decimal point
6 F UPC Code 12 digit UPC bar code or other code.
7 G Unit Weight MR4. (ex. 1.2345)
8 H Price 1 MR2. (ex. 6.78)
9 I Price 2 MR2
10 J Price 3 MR2
11 K Price 4 MR2
12 L Price 5 MR2
13 M Price 6 MR2
14 N VOC MR4 - amount must be provided by unit, not lbs/gal
15 O Haz Mat Code ex. NA1234
16 P Custom Type E=End Product, C=Component, does not write to the file, this is for information only on the exception report.
17 Q Group Code Group Code 1. 10 characters max
18 R Group Code 2 10 characters max
19 S Group Code 3 10 characters max
20 T Group Code 4 10 characters max
21 U Group Code 5 10 characters max
22 V Tax Indicator Y or N
23 W Status A, I or O
24 X Bar Code Case Flag Y or N
25 Y Bar Code Case Quantity 99999 max
26 Z Is Bar Code Y or N
27 AA Vendor Part Number Recommend 20 characters max
28 AB Key Words Comma separate multiple key words