Perfection Management Software
- Our Premier Product -

Software Developed For The PBE/WD Industry


Perfection Management (PM) is a multi-user business management computer system designed for Jobbers/Warehouse Distributors. It has been designed to improve profit and productivity. The software's modular design allows all aspects of your operation to be automated easily and efficiently.

Perfection Management may be used in single or multi-location operations. Perfection Management uses the D3 Database Management System for its multi-user capabilities.

Perfection Management is a complete management system containing Point of Sale, Sales Analysis, Purchasing, Receiving, Inventory Control, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Payroll and System Management.  It integrates a user-friendly Help on every screen.  But most importantly, it is specific to the PBE industry with such features as Custom Mix Costing, Case Lot Breakdown, VOC Tracking, Hazardous Material Shipping Documents, Price Updates on major PBE product lines, C-Schedule Rebate Pricing and Reporting, and Bar-Code capability for Fast and Effective Inventory Control.

Perfection Software, Inc. is devoted to the PBE industry! We bring the most comprehensive and user-friendly software available. We have developed Perfection Management - a complete management system, not a bunch of different modules put together. It is an entire Inventory and Point Of Sale software package which is thoroughly interactive to the General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, and Accounts Payable.  We continually add features specific to the industry, and all enhancements are generated from customer suggestions.

Perfection Management Software's Key Features

Hazardous Material Shipping: With Perfection Management you will have all the Hazardous Material Shipping information on the Invoice or Pick Ticket. All the tools you need to comply with the D.O.T. regulations. 

V.O.C. Tracking Reports: You may now help your customers comply with V.O.C. reporting. Perfection Management gives you the ability to print a report of the V.O.C. content of items that you sold to an individual customer. Just think how appreciative your customers will be when your salesperson hands them a report of their purchases, with the V.O.C. content of each item. This is one more service that you can offer to your customers that your competitors can’t.

Distributed Processing: You have the power of multi-location computing without the monthly cost of a dedicated lease phone line. Perfection Management gives you the ability to transfer information from one computer to another, without having to be on-line all day. Or you might save money using the internet to connect your branch locations. Let us do a comparative quote. Check out our multi-location information.

C-Schedule Rebate Reporting: You can now track all your sales that offer a rebate. Most major manufacturers only require your computer generated report. With just the push of a key, your invoices are re-printed.

Quantity on Hand Tracking: Know where your inventory is, at all times. Quantity on Hand Tracking tracks all movement of your inventory for added security to your system.

Price Updates on Major Lines: Perfection Software offers price updates on your major PBE lines. When the Manufacturers have a price change, you will be ready!! Don’t miss out on price protection for your truck load orders!

Multiple Locations

Internet Connections: How can you link-up multiple locations LIVE in a cost affective manner?  One of the ways is through the Internet using our secure VPN routers.  This allows each location to simultaneously work on the main server, securely. 

Leased Line Connections: If you still have reservations about the Internet, then a leased-line or a dedicated phone line may be what you need.  Although generally more expensive, a dedicated leased line or a dial-up telephone connection will enable each location to simultaneously work off the server because they are always connected.


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