Active Fax

The easiest way to send and receive fax messages network wide.

Interfaced with Perfection Management to allow easy faxing or emailing of invoices, statement or purchase orders.  You can even do that from workstations.  But if your work station is running Accuterm you can also fax or email windows documents just as easy as printing them.

The archive files allow you to go back and find old faxes and reprint them as needed or verify a date and time it was sent.

Regardless of the computer you are currently working on – with just a few mouse clicks- it is possible to create new fax documents or to control the faxes using the Fax Client.

  • Fax transmissions from any Windows application using a special printer driver
  • Automatic printout of incoming fax messages and sending reports.
  • Sophisticated User and Security Concept
  • Automatic Archiving

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