Why buy Perfection instead of other software?

We are the Best!

Perfection Management is a completely integrated solution, which is inter-active through to the General Ledger. It is a total management system.

We offer reliable and timely support. Our support is reasonably priced and it includes yearly Perfection Management upgrades. Our support department operates from 8:00am until 8:00pm, Monday through Saturday (excluding holidays) your local time zone.

Compare all of the monthly fees and what services are provided to know your true total cost of ownership.

Increase Productivity and Revenue using today’s hand-held computer technology to sell and service in your customer’s shop. Make easy connections using wireless access points so mobile employees can connect their laptop computers when they are in the store. Windows networks and high speed Internet providers allow you to use the latest technology without interfering with your Perfection Management business software. It can all work on the same network. Hire your own network administrator to manage your hardware and connections.

The software has been designed with the PBE Paint Specialty store and the PBE Warehouse Distributor specifically in mind. Every industry has it’s own nuances to deal with when it comes to programming and databases. Part numbers and sizes in the PBE industry are not organized like other industries. Perfection Management deals with this in its design. Part numbers sold for mixed paint are handled correctly and have an audit trail. There is Sales Analysis reporting on sales, costs and profits for your mixing room.

Features packed into the Point of Sale entry screen are unbelievable. You can drill down into a customer’s sales history for any part number right in the middle of writing an invoice. Counter people are prompted if an item has a better price for a larger quantity purchase. That, along with other features like alternates, helps to up sell and add on to orders.

The software is easy to use with a “help line” for every prompt. Count on Perfection Software to be there for you now, and in the future. We are currently working with many PBE manufacturers and companies. We have been named as a Preferred Vendor by many of them. We know the PBE industry and we cater to it.

We know that what you need today will change tomorrow. We are committed to upgrading Perfection Management to handle the needs of the PBE industry. Our upgrades are your guarantee that your investment in computerization and Perfection Software is the right choice. We know there are other choices in management systems. We are The Best because we deliver a solid product with solid support. For the BEST software, features, support, supplies, consulting and custom programming, call Perfection Software, Inc. Still going strong since 1990.