How Can a Hosted Website Improve Your Business?

  • Your catalog is available online through any web browser.
Web Browser
  • A salesperson can now create, review, confirm and send an order with the use of a smartphone or web connected tablet.
Faster Selling Available 24/7 Phone Menu
  • The Seach Entire Catalog feature helps locate specific products within seconds.
Easy to Locate Products Phone Search
  • Pictures help users identify the proper product to order.
Easy to Indentify Products Phone Search Results
  • Review the order in the Shopping Cart before submitting it to your Perfection system.
Shopping Cart Shopping Cart
  • The Motorola CS3070 barcode scanner is cordless, able to fit in a pocket or on a lanyard and uses Bluetooth technology to connect to a smartphone, laptop and more.
Virtually Eliminates Order Entry Errors CS3070