System Requirements

  • The latest version of Perfection Management
  • Windows Server 2003 or later, or Windows XP Service Pack 3 or later; for the Perfection Web Service to be installed in IIS.
  • One user of Perfection
  • Always on Internet connected and Dedicated Static IP Address recommended
  • Access to change server and router settings as needed for sending and receiving data from the new site

Here is a list of things needed for the web site. Not all is required, but it makes the site experience better for your customers and employees.

  • Header image for full site
  • Header image for mobile site (if different from full site)
  • Navigation outside (top of page). You can point to your own external web site (not hosted by Perfection)
  • Welcome header paragraph ("Welcome to our new online store, etc...)
  • Advertising image slider with clicks to Product Detail page
  • Your icon (favicon.ico) if you have one
  • Get domain name (ex. "")
  • Get your contact email address for the footer on the web site
  • Go to our demo site to see examples