TESTIMONIALS and References

"With our Old computer system we always had a problem giving a customer a special price. Now that we use Perfection Management, we can give any customer a special for an entire product line, part of a product line, or just one part number, without affecting any other customer. The 99 price levels and Customer Special Pricing programs are simple to use."

Victor de la Uz
Atlantic Automotive Paints, Inc.
Miami, FL

"I collect the money. With Perfection Management's on-screen sales analysis I get a history of what a customer is buying while I make collection calls. It really provides a valuable guide for handling customers.

Perfection Software, Inc. has been excellent in listening to our needs and requests. Most suggestions which make my job easier and enhance the program become part of the system."

Joyce Golden
Mark's Auto Paint, Inc.
Oakland Park, FL

Following are a few of our many references. Additional references may be requested.

Contact Name Company Name Location Telephone
Dean Bourne Auto Color Company Marietta, GA (770) 590-3860
Pat Rogers Auto Refinish Distributors Tulsa, OK (800) 331-4677
Layne Clark Automotive and Industrial Supply Ogden, UT (801) 732-1500
Gary De Marco El Monte Auto Paint El Monte, CA (626) 448-6137
Keith Bumgarner Moore’s PBE, Inc. Columbus, OH (937) 223-9185
Geoffrey Peckham National Oak Distributors West Palm Beach, FL (561) 478-2766
Dennis Emerson Ben's Paint Supply Daytona Beach, FL (386) 252-3817
Steve Diamond Diamond Paint Company Sulphur, LA (337) 882-9893